Our Enlightened Globetrekker Volunteer Program is based in Nepal, in a small village an hour into the Himalayan mountains outside of Kathmandu. 

Kaule Village was destroyed by the April 2015 earthquakes. The Kaule villagers still struggle to rebuild their lives today. 

Our program offers assistance and empowerment to the villagers with a variety of projects, namely agricultural and infrastructure: helping to plant sustainable crops, rebuilding homes, erecting a community center, roadwork, building toilets, etc.

There is much work to do in the village, and tasks can include anything and everything. 

This program operates in conjunction with Kaule-EV, a German organization supporting the development of sustainable agriculture in Kaule. 

Our program is different because it is for all ages, and encourages families to participate together. We believe that the gift of humanitarian giving is not just for adults, and that it is beneficial to begin instilling this value of selflessness in the next generation. 

Volunteer duties are determined by each volunteer's individual skills and talents. Children accompany parents while tasks are completed, and are welcome to participate, or are also welcome to play safely and freely nearby, in the vast Himalayan outdoor playground of freedom and nature.  Because of our busy schedules, we ask for volunteers to be self-directed. We will not be on site everyday to direct you. We will get you started, and then trust that you will complete your tasks and enjoy your stay in Kaule. A Nepali contact is available in Kaule at all times for any questions or emergencies, and we are always reachable by telephone. This is an excellent opportunity to get away, refresh yourself, immerse yourself in an otherwise protected indigenous culture, learn new ways, live remote village life, give back to humanity, connect, adventure the beautiful Himalayas, and feed your soul. 

Program Details:  Space is available on a first come first serve basis. Placements are for a minimum of 2 weeks, to 6 months. We help to arrange transport from Kathmandu, and we help to arrange your accommodation in our volunteer guesthouse at a cost of $10/night, with meal options of breakfast (eggs, bread, coffee, tea) $1.50, and dinner $2 (traditional dahl bhat). All transport in Kaule is done by walking along the stunning Himalayan mountain roads. The village is small, and you can walk everywhere and enjoy the view. We ask for a placement donation of $50/person for administration and supervisory costs. However, all placement fees are waived if you are staying on extra to volunteer before or after one of our Nepal expeditions

Please note: There is no wifi in Kaule.


Please consider taking time to participate in our program. 

Give. Love. Learn. Grow. 


Reserve your space today: email info@enlightenedglobetrekkeradventures.com