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All of Our Eco-Adventure Retreats Include:

  • Yoga: we conduct our yoga in beautiful spaces, surrounded by nature, in a nurturing atmosphere ideal for beginners, kids, and experienced yogis alike
  • Meditation: mindfulness allows us to process our amazing adventures together, unwind & truly digest what we have seen, preparing us for even more the next day
  • Fresh Local Food:  we believe deeply in the mind, body, spirit connection so we feed your body as plentifully as we feed your soul, we can accommodate all diets with fresh, healthy and local delicacies that broaden your foodie horizons
  • Humanitarianism: we are not tourists, we are travelers - therefore we assist as we go and leave no trace, not only does a portion of your retreat fee assist others, you serve others while adventuring with us
  • Dedicated Guides: our guides are our tribe, they are dedicated yogis and adventurers who embrace the travel lifestyle and understand the transformative power of self-balance and eco-adventure
  • Cultural Immersion: we get to the root of cultures and exchange hearts and ways of life in intimate ways
  • Support of Local Economies: we believe in ethical travel and sustainable tourism, so we only support local businesses and small scale operations on our trips in an effort to support local families, cultures, and economies
  • Amazing Locations: we welcome you to classic travel destinations with a local undiscovered twist & we encourage you to embrace those unfamiliar, exotic locales that we have scouted and found to be enchanting, stunning & life-changing


Did you know we also lead individually customized retreats around the world?

Just tell us how many people, when you want to go and where you want to go, or we can suggest locations based on your groups interests, size and expectations! We can make your groups dreams come true & transform your souls while doing so! We look forward to adventuring with you soon!

Our Upcoming Adventures

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